At the Surface of Mars: Panoramas in WebGL

We’ve collected together a bunch of panoramas from the surface of Mars, taken by NASA spacecraft over the last 15 years, and wrapped them in our WebGL panorama viewer.┬áThe viewer takes panorama images in equirectangular coordinates (that’s just even spacing in equal increments of latitude and longitude) and manipulates the projection – so this is an example of 2D pixel manipulation. The panoramas were all generated by a combination of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, University of Arizona, Cornell University, and/or Arizona State University (depending on which mission the specific images were from). From top to bottom, the panoramas are: 1. Spirit at Eagle Crater; 2. Spirit in the Columbia Hills; 3. Spirit’s final panorama from ‘Troy’; 4. Opportunity at Victoria Crater; 5. Opportunity on the rim of Erebus Crater; 6. Mars Pathfinder landing site; 7. Phoenix Lander landing site. To move around the panoramas, use the image scroll function. You can use the magnifying buttons to zoom in and out.

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